Your Beliefs About Global Warming Are Still Irrelevant

Note – I originally posted this back on January 29, 2007 in response to a letter in our local paper. I find it interesting that some of the points I made way back then are still relevant today. I have added some footnotes, since I wanted to both edit the original text, and keep this as close to the original post as possible.

Original Title: Your Beliefs About Global Warming Are Irrelevant

This letter appeared in today’s Mobile Press-Register, and it raises a few questions about the science and politics behind the so-called global warming “debate”. I’ll present it in it’s entirety, and will then address some specific issues.

Global warming claim a ‘hoodwink’

Nancy Pelosi, in addition to being speaker of the House, has apparently become a climate change expert. Her proclamation that global warming is an undeniable fact is bold, authoritative and for the most part correct, except that human activity cannot be proven to be its cause.

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